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" "Why ah. Or children suddenly appeared to drink the snake run, strange to say, children just stare a snake, shouted out, get out! The snake yo left, so, gradually, when I used to see him all right to play. I was shocked directly, is constantly looking at the plow Three lame, "What did you say twins arise?" Three Crips grunted, his face proud smile, "I want to say this is my wealth it at home when I left this leather has been in the jump, wanted to go up the hill, I did not expect a mountain let me see certainly you have to have hundreds of years, if I sell it, do not say it covers three houses, a young married woman are enough to marry several of the." "I think she did not sleep asleep." At the beginning of this Fengxia Gang, Xu Gang also grandmother to come with Fengxia ago, I saw the grandmother to draw a symbol Fengxia then burned for a long period of time Fengxia have been normal, but there are days in the evening, Fengxia out of the toilet, she saw the child in a yellow chicken bite their home, when they are scared, and then evolved into what it is today. Rangers bowl jerseys " Grandma has never seen, squinting to see "is the city people live in the house it . Rangers custom jerseys " My grandmother did not understand the words, I heard three lame in front of my house big Heleyisheng "Damn! Little girl would you give me out! You take my wooden club which went up in smoke.

" "You look at your mother behind. Room a bit scary quiet time, children are adults and children stared at the chopsticks, chopsticks because it actually is so unchanging, grandmother watching chopsticks nodded, then look to Xu Gang, "your mother back." Dad nodded. I chills, Listening to the baby's crying, suddenly have a bad feeling. you, you just saw it?" 'Ding'! "What voice!" He came up and hugged me, just now looks mighty different person. " "Ah, I do not play with her, she gave me a look of it can be fierce.

" Then, she laid hold of Angel's hand, pointed to me, "This is your sister Jojo know, I grew up in rural areas is, you know, can not talk nonsense. Rangers camo jerseys " Said a direct hand in the past to get on." I did not look up, looking down at the ground saying we were playing with sticks of trees. "Ma Jiao Long, you tri Today I feel good, give you said said, play with you that is simply not a child, is a fine ginseng, ginseng can into a fine, it should be done for hundreds of years, t in this thank you, ah, thank you for letting t made a fortune, go home, and so t after the money certainly will not forget you, you buy delicious ah! "three lame took the ginseng at me put a couple, heels going down." My grandmother pulled clothes, half his head down, pretending not to, until going out, I saw my father standing beside her mother, to be honest I did not dare to recognize her, she was a lot of fat, especially belly Ting Ting it seems to have hides like a basketball." "The three children can not say lame things right. "I saved her !!" Carter, just feel good river anxious, I slipped and directly planted down, hands caught in the river twice, feeling caught something, then nose to choke the water, do not know anything.