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"Jiao Long ah, you know grandmother named Jiao Long is mean anything. Grandma nodded "from the start. How about you!" Dad would not let grandma tangled in place, directly took grandmother's bag, took us to his parked car and walked directly to the good. When I finish the job they started to help her grandmother on the table to serve later, the grandmother smiled at me, "I Jiao Long grew up ah." In my opinion then, that this is more fantasy grandmother colors, more powerful, grandmother orders, we are anxious to cooperate, no one will say not a word. Grandma said Fengxia should now belong to my mind there is a problem, and now with the words of the spirit is abnormal, so Xu Gang sent to the hospital to see the city, but Xu Gang said no money, and then looked at Fengxia serious day by day, all right again we could beat Xu Gang, Xu dollars with the tigers day naturally sad. Up the next morning, when her grandmother also as usual, to get me breakfast, asked me not to be late to school seriously listening something. Grandma was sitting on the kang, one eye swollen grandfather gave her back posted plaster, I put in front of ginseng to send a grandmother "Grandma, you eat, the children say, you eat this Jiuhaola! " "You heard him speak?" Grandma looked ginseng, looked at me and could not help asking.

Tracy's grandmother saw a man, "Give me a cigarette. Raptors home jerseys "When boys and girls are not your own choice, there is a girl in your life you know." Soul sister smiled and nodded "good, go, sister take you into the hotel to see the room. "Chopsticks it, bring me a chopsticks!" Zhuo Wei so suddenly shouted, turned to face my father "took a pair of chopsticks to me!" Dad froze for a moment, looked at him, "do you want chopsticks. Us is playing yet, whispered promise dollars looked at the opening, "Jiao Long, do you ever seen a ghost. Grandma thought for a moment in the house open, "You did not call the children called off. Raptors jerseys alternate " "Ok.

" My grandmother's eyes looked down the Ferris wheel, "after you grow up you see grandma collar ah, come to eat, you do not say hungry yet. Raptors jerseys authentic " "Wait a minute!" Grandma suddenly this time next spoke, saw a father "is not a children's matters." Not at the moment just saw my grandmother when cold look, a face full of concern looked at the mother, although she was face to ease a lot, but I still looked scared, inexplicable. " The smile on his face faded suddenly become serious, "No, you're going to see a person. Fortunately, this process is very fast, so I got dressed and came out, Zhuo Wei mind being followed whisper saying something, Zhuo Wei slightly frowned, took out a book written on the side of his mouth while talking about the "search click chromosome, then b super, there . Raptors grey jerseys I certainly do not believe the gods will do is a small doll, but he seems to have not grown up, my body is changing every year, he has been a small doll, but then I have to attend to what he is, and God is a ghost What does it matter, I only know that he called the children, it is my good friend.